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About us

Arcos de la Cultura is a voluntary socio-cultural project in the heart of Havana Vedado that is part of the portfolio of community cultural experiences of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).The name of the project is inspired by the “Arcos” building that was erected in the 30s, over a geological fault, on F street between 19th and 2nd streets, and is nowadays in a very poor conservation condition.

The architectural value, the exotic natural landscape formed by the vegetation and the fault itself and, above all, the need to improve the living and environmental conditions of the disadvantaged local population in comparison with the surrounding cozy neighboring houses and residences, were the main elements that motivated us to create a community cultural project in this area with the motto: Culture, Prosperity and Solidarity.

We are planning to work with all age groups of the project community (of about 95 families). Our main aim is to raise life quality in the neighborhood. Therefore, we focus our work on culture as a factor of social transformation, as well as on specific measures for the restoration of the buildings located in the project, specially the emblematic “Arcos” building; on the creation of cultural spaces and on the environmental sanitation.

Through artistic manifestations and the exchange between artists, amateur artists and spectators, we want to advance and strengthen trust, living together and solidarity. Furthermore, we try to activate, in the context of the project, the support of the institutions of our country, mainly the municipality institutions, as well as individual initiatives and also international cooperation.